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Two and A Bud

100% Natural Dry Dill Seeds

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Dill comes from the word “Dilla” which means soothe in Old Norse. Drinking dill tea is recommended to overcome insomnia. A native to Europe, it is a Russian favourite and can be cultivated near the Arctic Circle. Both seeds and leaves are edible.

Dill seeds or Suwa seeds are aromatic, citrus flavour seeds, widely cultivated across Eurasia. Their flavour profile is very similar to that of caraway seeds.

These seeds are a good source of calcium, dietary fibre, and minerals such as Manganese, Iron, and Magnesium, Zinc.

Popularly known as “suwa”, it helps in improving milk flow in lactating women, treat colic and enhances fiber in the diet.

Culinary Uses:

Dill seeds are very flavorful and add their distinctive taste to any dish.

Dill seeds can be used as a condiment in dishes, in pickles & sauces, as a digestive and as a mouth-freshener!

These seeds aid in treating colic problems in infants and bad breath in adults.


It is Probably Unsafe To Use Dill As a Medicine if You Are Pregnant. Please consult your physician before consumption.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Dry Dill Seeds


How to store:

Store in air tight container in a cool, dry place and use within 12 months.